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We specialize in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems.


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Any company operating in today's fast moving and highly competitive world needs to be able to store and retrieve information. Choosing the right database technology to do this is critical. Your data is a valuable asset so you want to make sure the money you invest in protecting, managing and leveraging its power is well spent.

Over the years our industry has experienced rapid change and as a result we have adapted the philosophy that it better to develop software using the latest technology. Utilizing up to date technology helps to future proof you from costly redevelopments and integration issues that often arise when technology changes, but most importantly it helps keep you ahead of your competitors.

The tools and User Interface components we use to develop our software are regularly updated and are second to none when it comes to usability and functionality. All our applications are built using a robust, high performance framework that is implemented by small and large business all over the world. Our applications come with numerous skins that can be easily applied to give your application the look and feel you're after. The layout of virtually all our User Interface components such as forms, docking panels, data grids, reports etc. can be easily customized and saved so each user can configure the layout of their application and know it will be restored when they next login in.

Allware Technologies has extensive experience in developing custom database applications for Windows, WPF, WCF, as well as Web and Ecommerce. We also specialize in T-SQL programming (Microsoft SQL Server programming Language) enabling us to leverage the power of one of the most popular, powerful and robust database engines used in the world today.

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"..professional, innovative, highly ethical and reliable partner.." partnering Allware I have significantly improved the efficiency of our systems development and its day-to-day functionality. Allware are always available to me and seek to add value to the relationship whenever they can and on an on-going basis I have every confidence in Allware and highly recommend Allware to any business that is seeking a professional, innovative, high ethical and reliable partner...
Neil Bailey
Managing Director
Insignia Marketing Solutions
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"..Critically they understand our business.."
Diggers have had a long partnership with Allware. They were instrumental in the development of our latest website with it's expanded ecommerce functionality, and have supported our online business in general for many years. Critically they understand our business. We don't spend hours documenting our problems, when we ring, they listen and they know what to do, and do it quickly so we can focus on our customers and their gardens.
Lisa Remato
CEO The Diggers Club
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